Version 2.0

I just released the new version of my jQuery plugin fixheadertable.

If you followed the development of this plugin, I started it for met the problem of table with fixed header (hence the website name),a problem whiwh can’t be resolved by a full CSS solution. Finally, with requests that were made, I added a few fonctionnalities like :

  • the horizontal scolling management
  • a pager
  • sortable columns
  • resizable columns
  • full compatibility with jQuery UI
  • etc.

Now I have a client-side table plugin, light enough, that offers you, in my opinion, almost all the tools needed to manipulate tabular data. I just think that 2 things missing : footer management, a search fields. Maybe later…

Take a look at the documentation page and a the demo and fullpage demo !

please, let me know if you encounter bugs. I’ll solved them asap.

and let me know  too the website where you use the plugin.



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    6 December 2010 - 22 h 17 min | Permalink Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

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    10 January 2011 - 20 h 23 min | Permalink

    zebra striping doesn’t seem to work properly. It’s only making the text bold face (which isn’t really necessary in a told) but it’s not making the backgrounds alternate with colors (which *is* necessary for true zebra striping.)


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    17 January 2011 - 7 h 46 min | Permalink

    Fix that will support ie7 hz scroll

    Replace Line 983 with
    $(_headerscontainer[0]).css(‘margin-left’, -_body[0].scrollLeft + ‘px’);

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      18 May 2011 - 20 h 22 min | Permalink

      I have replaced line 983 with your code posted above (changing the ` to ‘), but it does not allow the horizontal scrolling in IE7. Could you please explain a little more about how to fix it in IE7?

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        19 May 2011 - 14 h 13 min | Permalink

        I found that replacing line 978 with $(_headerscontainer[0]).css(‘margin-left’, -_body[0].scrollLeft + ‘px’);

        made the code work with IE7, IE8, and FF 3.6.17 (sorry, I don’t have an older version to test this with).

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      8 June 2011 - 9 h 37 min | Permalink

      Brilliant, this line of code does indeed fix the IE7 issue whilst also working with IE8+, Firefox and Chrome (tested).

      However, in the 2.0 download that I downloaded, it is actually line 978 for me – replacing the entire code within the _body.scroll function. Also for anyone copying and pasting, make sur you switch the quotes!

      Nice work!

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    Luke Mallon
    14 February 2011 - 12 h 40 min | Permalink

    This has saved me a lot of work. Thanks for releasing to the public.

    One thing I noticed was when setting the date format for sorting you seem to use the PHP syntax rather than the JavaScript syntax, if you could make a note of that in the documentation that would save some people time working with this.

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    31 March 2011 - 15 h 51 min | Permalink

    Hi, i’m using your plugin for our intranet website, but i have a trouble with rows sorting…

    In the last column of the table i put some links for operations on the records, using .click() method of Jquery to manage them, and all is ok until i use sorting functionality. After sorting, no one is more working! They works again just after a page reload.

    What do you think about it?

    Thanks a lot for the plugin!

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    20 April 2011 - 7 h 18 min | Permalink

    This is great, however it is really really really slow on Internet explorer

    the rendering of a 10 column by 500 row table takes about 70 seconds in Internet explorer, YES over a minute.

    Same data 10×500 set takes about 4 seconds in Firefox, safari, chrome, and opera.

    Thank you for this — It really helps.

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    10 May 2011 - 11 h 10 min | Permalink

    How to auto resize the table height.

    If table is greater then the window size set height option else do not set it.

    V2.0, if height is not set or set to null no scroll bars even if the table is greater then the browser window size.

    How to create auto height?

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    19 May 2011 - 13 h 23 min | Permalink

    Any plans on making this IE7 compatible? (IE6 not as important, but definately IE7)

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      19 May 2011 - 14 h 35 min | Permalink

      Sorry for so many posts, but I have been working on this to make it compatible with IE7. Credit goes to null who posted the line of code that needs to be added in 3 places.

      Change lines 449, 549, and 979 of jquery.fixheadertable.js (version 2.0) to the following, and things should work wonderfully.

      $(_headerscontainer[0]).css(‘margin-left’, -_body[0].scrollLeft + ‘px’);

      I haven’t been able to test IE6 or early versions of FF with this fix, but it is a step towards complete compatibility. :) Hope you are able to add this to your code. Love your plugin.

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