New version 1.1 (horizontal scrollbar management)

Hi everybody ,

i just released the new version of my plugin with new features.

You can now manage the horizontal scrollbar of your table or let the plugin do it for you. To sum up, your table will resize until the min-width specified in the minWidth option or until a calculate width through the minWidthAuto option which garantee a proper display of the content.

Take a look at the documentation , section Available options,  and of course try the full page demo and RESIZE YOUR BROWSER !

(hoping there are no bugs ;-) )


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    10 September 2010 - 15 h 28 min | Permalink

    A really good plugin.

    Is it possible to display the table in the form of a grid? Also, will this support fixed column?

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      14 September 2010 - 7 h 52 min | Permalink

      hi harimad,

      fixed column are not supported it’s more complicated and really specific. Maybe i will develop it later. For a display in the form of a grid, it’s done like that in the new version with the zebras in option. take a look.

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    18 October 2010 - 16 h 39 min | Permalink

    nice article, keep the posts coming

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    5 December 2010 - 19 h 49 min | Permalink

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