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    8 November 2010 - 23 h 12 min | Permalink

    I really like your plug-in. Great job!

    I’d like to suggest another supported parameter that I think would be a great:
    Similiar to how you use colratio (colratio: ['auto', 'auto', '20%', '76px', '66px', '86px']), you should add colalign (colratio: ['left', 'left', 'center', 'center', 'right', 'justify']) to be able to specify the column alignment desired instead of defaulting every column to centered.

    • 2
      9 November 2010 - 8 h 54 min | Permalink


      thanks for your comment and your nice idea!

      i’ll implement this option soon.


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    12 January 2011 - 18 h 53 min | Permalink

    Thanks for the great work, i was looking around for a plugin to create a scrollable table. i’ve tested your plugin on Firefox, IE and Chrome and it works perfectly.
    i was wondering what license the plugin is published under?


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