Version 2.0

I just released the new version of my jQuery plugin fixheadertable.

If you followed the development of this plugin, I started it for met the problem of table with fixed header (hence the website name),a problem whiwh can’t be resolved by a full CSS solution. Finally, with requests that were made, I added a few fonctionnalities like :

  • the horizontal scolling management
  • a pager
  • sortable columns
  • resizable columns
  • full compatibility with jQuery UI
  • etc.

Now I have a client-side table plugin, light enough, that offers you, in my opinion, almost all the tools needed to manipulate tabular data. I just think that 2 things missing : footer management, a search fields. Maybe later…

Take a look at the documentation page and a the demo and fullpage demo !

please, let me know if you encounter bugs. I’ll solved them asap.

and let me know  too the website where you use the plugin.


Github now


I just push the “project” on github !

follow on :


Small bug fix on 1.2

i just released a small bug fix for the version 1.2 which affects the whiteSpace option.


New version 1.2


i just released the new version 1.2.
This version is specially made to work with jQuery ui (I advise you also to work with). The plugin will automatically adapt the theme with the one you choose. However, you can develop your own theme “locally” by editing base.css file where everything is ready and completing the “theme” option provided for that.

Some options have changed since version 1.1, so if you migrate to 1.2, look carefully the documentation and the available options.

Report me bugs and ask me your questions, i’ll answer asap.

PS : I stopped developing the plugin to be compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and 7 there is too much stress! Sorry for the users…

Coming soon…

  • An optimized version (i’m working on it…)
  • New themes
  • A version 100 % compatible with all the browsers

Stay in touch

New version 1.1 (horizontal scrollbar management)

Hi everybody ,

i just released the new version of my plugin with new features.

You can now manage the horizontal scrollbar of your table or let the plugin do it for you. To sum up, your table will resize until the min-width specified in the minWidth option or until a calculate width through the minWidthAuto option which garantee a proper display of the content.

Take a look at the documentation , section Available options,  and of course try the full page demo and RESIZE YOUR BROWSER !

(hoping there are no bugs ;-) )

New fixed header jQuery plugin

Hi, I just try to develop a plugin  based on jQuery to meet the problem of fixed header in HTML tables.

Browsing the web, I discovered many interesting plugins but many did not respond to certain issues (in particular, that a table could have a variable width) or, if they met, a lot of code was necessary to recalculate each time widths of cells, with observers, timeouts etc…

Let’s see the Demo

So I developed this plugin by focusing on resizing cells by the web browser engine.

This plugin is not very complicated, but I think it meets a certain way to the problem.

(take a look at the Documentation !)

Sorry for my english…